Hotwalk Carbon

The Ultimate First Bike

We created something two-year-olds had only dreamed of until now: The Ultimate First Bike.We took the same tech behind our world championship-winning bikes and pored over every single detail to achieve a ride quality that’s unprecedented in a kid’s bike. We’re talking precision at every touchpoint—from small diameter grips to a solid carbon layup. All aligned to create the ultimate first ride.


It Started as a Sketch

Inspired by a trip to Taiwan for Bike Week, our industrial designers had a vision of the ultimate first bike. Once the team mocked it up, it was clear: we needed to do this. If road cyclists ride carbon bikes for speed and stamina, so should kids. If mountain bikers need low-friction saddles for rough roads, kids do too. This ridiculously small, totally unique project was just too fun to pass up. And when it came to engineering, the answer was easy: Utilize the same team we’ve trusted to make our top performance bikes, like the Tarmac SL7 and the All-New Stumpjumper. 

The Perfect Kids Proportions

Most kids’ bikes come in standard sizes, scaled down from adult molds. But kids ride bikes the same way we do, so we think they deserve one intentionally designed for them—one that’s light, responsive, and easy to maneuver. This ridiculously fun first bike inspires a lifetime of riding, letting kids feel what it’s like to go further, faster.

Featherlight for a Reason

It’s the only carbon kids bike we’ve ever made, and it makes sense. Weight, stiffness, and shock absorption all play a factor in ride quality, even at this scale. That’s why we made the frame, fork, and handlebar all carbon. We even made sure the carbon wheels and Rhythm Lite tires were lightweight. 4.63 pounds of pure fun that will last a lifetime.

Made for Little Riders

Because no one has ever made anything quite like this, there wasn’t a way to test the safety of a bike this size. So, we built an entirely new test to meet a 40-pound weight rating. In addition to testing, the proportional design creates a ride quality that is safer—38% smaller diameter grips and a ground up design in the geometry ensures every kid can control their ride. Plus, it’s equipped with tires that offer the perfect combination of quick rolling for pavement and the right amount of grip for dirt. All details that make a difference in building confidence for little riders.

Kids Deserve More

We respect kids, and, in order to set up the next generation of riders, we think they deserve more. We created the ultimate first ride to kickstart a lifetime of riding. At the end of the day, we made this for them.